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SHOTA TYPE - RICKY [Basic set]
 Code : 20160414042722
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 Point : 3.80 point
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 Manufacturer : DollPamm
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 Type Name


 Basic set(Including)

 Ricky Head(5.5~6") + Shota body + exclusive case + Product Certificate +

 12mm Glass eyes + Preliminary elastic rubber band, 7mm ND magnet

 Skin Option


 Additional Order Option

 Not currently ready.

 Processing Time

 About 3 months (★ Business days)

 Production period may change slightly.(By climate / seasonal / Order quantity)

 Product sculptor



Ricky head is a little small head size(5.5"~6" Wig) than Shark and Reo head. 


▸ This product is not a limited item.


▸ Body painting, makeup, wigs, costumes, ACC parts, shoes not included.


▸ Depending on the order quantity for a certain period of time, then it will be temporarily out of stock.


▸ The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.


▸ The product, putting line exists.


▸ Ricky does not have a magnet hole(attach ear parts) on the head.






 DollPamm operated by the sculptor is a atelier specialized in made-to-order art doll.


 We are after confirmation of payment to customer orders, start making art products.


 For this reason, After payment is confirmed, it is not possible to refund&cancel&change order,


 ! Please think carefully before ordering.


 If you have any other questions, Please use the Q & A board.


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V.01 SHOTA BODY(Period sales)


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