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Pure ARUBI ★Special full set (Sales end)
 Selling Price :
 Point : 3.10 point
 Sleeping Head :
 Face-up :
 Manufacturer : DollPamm
 Sculpted&Painted by : Dr.MES
 QTY : ea
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퓨어 아루비  

● PURE ARUBI SPECIAL FULL SET (Limited period)                                Doll Design & Sculpted by Dr.Mes

※ Order period : 2015.6.23.(17:00) ~ 2015.8.24.(22:00)  (*Korea time)

This product has been sales end.


  ♥Pure ARUBI sleeping head (no painting) free gifts event (Until 2015.7.20.)  This event has ended.


  Sleeping Head (No-make up) is changed to a paid (60$ USD) from July 21.


 ∴ Pure ARUBI Special full set - Product preparation period

   about 3 months (Business days)

   Depending on the order quantity, Preparation period may be different.


Pure ARUBI Special full set components

 Full painting service for Body and Deer parts, Make-up for Head, Assmebled Doll, Deer Parts(Horns, tail),

 Pure ARUBI Costume set ( clothes, necklace, wigs, 12mm glass eyes ), Arubi default case,

 Certificate, Preliminary Elastics


 ※ Additional options : ARUBI Sleeping Head (Make-up service is available.)



 ● We are after confirmation of payment to customer orders, start making art products.

    For this reason, After payment is confirmed, is not possible to fund&cancel&change order.


 ● Images and colors of the items can look slightly different due to the circumstances of individual monitor.

 ● Layaway is not possible. Thank you for your understanding.

 ● Makeup / paint-related services, can not be custom order.

    Due to the nature of the handwork, there may be slight difference in painting of the actual product to the photograph.

    Thank you for your understanding. (We will do our best to provide the same processing of the above photo.)


 ● Air brush painted part of joint(friction portion)is may peel off a little paint at the factory processing and doll assembly processes.

    The peeling of paint caused by friction of the joint parts, Return / replacement / refund / re-painting services will be impossible.


 ● Customers with a payment after the end of sale, we will give you a full refund.

    (Please be sure to confirm whether sell completion before payment.)


 ● Not payment Order sheet will be deleted after 3 days.

 ● The product, putting line exists.

 ● Products will be shipped attaching all of the magnet.

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