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MOE KITTY ear parts
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 MOE KITTY EAR(Milky skin) :
 Manufacturer : DollPamm
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 Parts Type Name

 Kitty ear(s)01 / Kitty ear(m)02 No Painting

 Basic configuration

 Ear parts (1pair), Spare ND magnet(service)

 Skin Color

 Only Milky skin

 Additional Order Option


 Processing Time

 About 3~4month (Business days)

 Production period may change slightly.

 (By climate / seasonal / Order quantity)


▸ This product is not a limited item.

▸ This was made for MOE line dolls, but can use these parts to other size dolls. (for 1/3~1/4)

▸ Doll/Painting is not included.

▸ These product does not have separate default box.

▸ Depending on the order quantity for a certain period of time, then it will be temporarily out of stock.

▸ The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.

▸ In the case of the Parts, "parting line"(Mold cutting line) is not completely removed.

▸ Based on the polarity of the DollPamm, all ND magnets are attached and shipped.

  (May not match the polarity direction of other BJD company.)




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For this reason, After payment is confirmed, it is not possible to refund/cancel/change order,

! Please think carefully before ordering.

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▸ Dollpamm's all dolls are resin casting / processed directly by Dollpamm's doll artist (Dr.MES).


▸ For made-to-order products,Resin doll production period of about 100 business days(About 4 months) is needed.


  (There may be differences depending on the order date and the quantity / content of the order.)


▸ Non-payment orders, We will be manually removed after about 5~7 days.


▸ International shipping delivery times may vary between 3~7 days and are shipped using EMS/ EMS premium.

   (see the country selection drop-down menu during shopping cart checkout).


▸ EMS/EMS premium shipping will be determined by the country/ Volume / weight / size or by Base rate.


▸ We also ship internationally to any country served by PayPal (see the country selection drop-down menu during shopping cart checkout).


▸ Please remember that we do not have responsibility on any accident from condition of delivery handling and tariff.


▸ Our Shipment, Return, Exchange, Etc. , please refer to our FAQ(click)


▸ Please check FAQ board to before ordering .

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